Dolav and Industrial Containers

Dolav and Industrial Containers

SYSPAL has a range of dolav and industrial container handling equipment designed to reduce manual handling and increase efficiency and hygiene levels within your production environment. If you don’t see the dolav or industrial container handling equipment you are looking for below, please contact our mechanical handling sales and project team to work in conjunction with you to create a bespoke product fit for your needs.


Products designed to ergonomically lift and transport Dolavs.


SYSPAL has a dolav weigh scale suitable for a range of industrial container sizes. The weigh scale is designed to handle capacities up to 1000kg and eliminates the need for floor pits and ramps, improving both safety and hygiene whilst maintaining accuracy.

Tipping and Tilting (low level)

SYSPAL has a range of low level tipping and tilting equipment for dolavs and industrial containers. The range includes tilters only, tippers and tilters designed for capacities up to 1500kg. The equipment can be tailored to suit your needs with many guarding options available.

Lifting (high level)

SYSPAL has a range of high level lifting equipment including double column tippers and goods lifts. With a range of safe working loads, our dolav and industrial container lifting equipment is designed to reduce manual handling and increase efficiency within your production environment.


For all your dolav or industrial container washing needs, SYSPAL has a range which includes freestanding pneumatically powered wash frames and automatic industrial washing machines. Speak to our team about your dolav washing needs for advice on the right equipment for you.

Waste Management

If you use dolavs or industrial containers for your waste management needs, SYSPAL have all the equipment to help manage your waste stream process. From weigh scales to monitor waste output to tipper and tilter lifting equipment, moving dolavs and industrial containers onto the next stage of the waste process. Finally, the washdown equipment for maintaining your excellent hygiene levels.


SYSPAL has a range of dolav cover racks with varying tiers to house your dolav covers. Maintaining hygiene or used for batch identification. At SYSPAL we always have hygiene at the forefront of our product design.


If you are looking for 600L dolavs or industrial containers and accompanying lids please contact our sales team.