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As a specialist stainless steel and aluminium manufacturer for hygienic environments SYSPAL have decades of experience and a comprehensive understanding of what makes a good design work. Whether it's a completely bespoke design or combining standard products with a bespoke component we can create a solution for you.

One of our customers recently approached us with the requirement of creating a packing station designed for handling product in bulk using Eurobins. Our design team worked with the customer to develop the above project which incorporates two standard pieces of equipment with some bespoke components. These products include a standard Eurobin Tipper and belt conveyor combined with a bespoke chuted packing table, HDPE top chopping boards, knife sharpeners and under conveyor storage.

The standard Eurobin Tipper transports products inside a Eurobin before depositing onto the chuted packaging table. This is a more efficient process which also eliminates the need for manual handling helping to keep employees safe. Product is then evenly fed through the chuted end of the table onto the conveyor belt where up to six operators can work on weighing and cutting, ready for packaging, integrated under conveyor storage trays allow for easy disposal or offcuts. This helps to improve throughput and productivity when processing the product.

Constructed entirely from stainless steel, the crevice free design of all of the equipment ensures the system meets the strict standards of hygiene required within the food manufacturing industry.

We can create intelligent workflows for processing and packaging no matter what the application or product. If you have a similar requirement or just want to know if we can design a workflow for your requirements, get in touch with our team now.