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Weighing Equipment

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Weighing Equipment

SYSPAL have designed a range of accurate, hygienic weighscale. The scales are suitable for a wide range of industrial container types such as dolavs, pallets and 200L and 300L Eurobins. Eliminating the need for a floor pit or ramp, the manual and pneumatic weighscales allow for a safer, cleaner weighing area.

Location guides ensure the containers are loaded correctly and hydraulic operation ensures the risk of injury from manual handling is reduced. All units are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, making them easy to sanitise.

Depending on which weighscale model you choose the nominal capacity is up to 1000kg. The pneumatic Eurobin weighscales have a nominal capacity of 350kg. The mettler toledo weighhead provides an accurate reading with weigh functions such as gross, nett and tare and can be programmed to assist in the production of a batch recipe.

Please contact the SYSPAL team for further information and assistance.