Weighing Equipment

Weighing Equipment

SYSPAL Weighing Solutions

SYSPAL’s weighing range includes units for use with Eurobins or tote bins, dolavs, industrial containers, euro containers, pallets and barrels or drums. Bespoke container units ensure no matter which container you choose, there is sure to be weigh scale for your needs.

The units manufactured by SYSPAL have been designed eliminate the requirement for hazardous and unhygienic floor pits and ramps, improving hygiene and safety within the food manufacturing environment, whilst maintaining the required high level of accuracy. Across the range the units are manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel, making the weigh scales ideal for compliance with food industry standards.

The weigh scale range includes static or mobile versions for ease of movement around the production area. Choose between a manually operated or pneumatically operated model, all models are IP65 approved for operator safety and use Mettler Toledo digital weigh heads.

Weigh Scale Applications

Our weigh scales use Mettler Toledo digital weigh head options. Providing only the most precise and accurate reading.

Weigh Head Functions:

  • Rugged, operator friendly operation for weighing, over/under checkweighing and counting
  • Average piece weight (APW) function accuracy increases with weight
  • Standard USB host port - easy data collection
  • 10 stored weigh targets with easy configuration


Manual EurobinWeigh Scales

  • Freestanding unit available in either 250kg or 350kg capacity.
  • Manual operation to weigh product, models available for 200 litre and 300 litre Eurobins.

Pneumatic EurobinWeigh Scale

  • Suitable for a nominal capacity of up to 350kg.
  • The pneumatic weigh scale improves on both hygiene and safety when weighing product in 200 litre and 300 litre Eurobins.

Bespoke Carriage

  • SYSPAL provide weigh scales for bespoke weighing applications as part of projects.
  • These drum weigh scales allow the user to easily and accurately weigh product inside drums.

Dolav Weigh Scale

  • Dolav Weigh Scale with a capacity of up to 1000kg
  • Designed to eliminate the need for floor pits and ramps, improving both hygiene and safety whilst still maintaining accuracy.

Pallet Weigh Scale

  • Free standing Pallet Weigh Scale designed to be used with pallets and able to lift up to 1000kg.

Euro Containers

  • Euro container weigh scale designed for weighing multiple Euro containers.
  • Scale top to suit 400x600mm Euro containers (maximum size accommodated 800x600mm).