Hand Wash Sinks

SYSPAL have designed a range of stainless steel hand wash sinks as we realise how important durable, quality hand wash sinks are – especially when your customers’ safety depends on hygienic standards. Due to regulations and current industry specifications, one of the most important stages of a company’s hygiene routine is washing your hands at regular intervals in a safe and reliable manner.

Sounds easy and innocuous, but in fact if you don’t wash your hands properly, the risk of contaminating simple goods with harmful bacteria can be detrimental for your business, and in certain circumstances businesses get closed down.

The stainless steel hand wash sinks are designed to be commonly used in commercial kitchen applications among other hygiene conscious application because of their hygienic properties, we focus on producing hand wash sinks which are very easy to maintain and energy efficient. Balancing cost, usability, durability, ease of cleaning, SYSPAL stainless steel hand wash sinks are a great asset for your business.

As a stainless steel manufacturer, with SYSPAL you have the opportunity to either choose from our standard range of hand wash sinks or talk to us about bespoke solutions for your company. If you are looking to complete your washroom needs, SYSPAL has created a large range of taps, spouts, valves and hoses that you can choose from.

Special offers and lease options are available.