Dolav Wash Frame

    Syspals wash frames are designed to simplify the cleaning process for Dolavs, plastic pallet boxes, industrial containers, CHEPs, Pallecons, Eurobins and other industry-standard containers. They lift the containers to make it easy to clean all sides and drain off any residual water. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduce injury risks associated with manual handling
  • Pneumatic operation for safe use in heavy wash-down areas
  • Its compact and freestanding design takes up minimal floor space
  • Ergonomically designed to further reduce manual handling risks
  • Its stainless steel construction makes them ideal for use in hygiene-conscious environments
SKU CODE: 600/HA3001004
  • Tipping angle range: 100° max from lowered position - 10° from horizontal position
  • Max tipping height: 925mm
  • Safe working load: 80kg