Sinks and Washroom Equipment

Combining robustness with low maintenance, SYSPAL have designed and manufactured a range of stainless steel sinks and washroom products, ideal for busy washroom installations where stringent hygiene is a necessity. The sink range includes knee push sinks, sensor sinks and sinks featuring the Dyson Airblade Wash + Dry Hand Dryer tap. You are sure to find a stainless steel sink ideal for your hand hygiene requirements.

Our sinks are available in a range of station sizes, up to 6 stations or 12 stations for island sink combinations. The knee push and sensor operated sinks ensure a touch free operation, which reduces the spread of bacteria and risk of infection. Larger utensil, Belfast and catering sinks are available for different applications and industries.

SYSPAL washroom equipment is manufactured to industry standards and regulations from 304 and 316 grade stainless steel. The material's robustness and durability mean that SYSPAL stainless steel washroom equipment will have a very long life, even in demanding environments such as food processing plants, factory solutions, pharmaceutical laboratories, cleanrooms, schools, hospitals, fire stations, campsites, prisons and many other commercial settings.