Boot Washers & Hygiene Turnstiles

SYSPAL design and manufacture a wide range of boot washers and hygiene stations for hygiene conscious industries. All our stations are manufactured to a very high standard with high quality parts and are designed to make the cleaning and maintenance of each product simple.

Our boot washers and hygiene stations are used globally by businesses from many industry sectors where hygiene is highly important and they are designed to speed up the process of workers entering and leaving any hygiene critical area.

Step up to the low-maintenance and space-saving equipment that can automatically clean the tops, sides, and soles of your employees' boots, hands and aprons, depending on your product.

Our comprehensive range of boot washers and hygiene stations are specifically designed to meet all levels of cleansing and hygiene requirements and legislation. We manufacture systems that are the perfect solution for customers where hygiene is paramount.

Our sales and design team have the experience and expertise to design the perfect hygiene station or boot washing solution for your company and are on hand to deal with any questions regarding the installation, design and maintenance of our products on +44 (0)1952 883188.