Vibratory Cooling Conveyor

Vibratory Cooling Conveyors

Evenfeed/Spreading Vibratory Conveyor

Vibratory Evenfeed / spreading Conveyor

Vibratory Inspection Conveyor

An alternative to expensive mechanical sorting process equipment. The vibratory inspection conveyor allows manual process operators to inspect the product & remove any defect products, so that only the products that conform to the quality team specification standards are allowed for further process. The Syspal variable speed controller allows controlled rates & accurate & effective removal of defective product.

  • Personnel side rails to allow operators to lean against & prevent transmitted vibration from the tray to the operators
  • Dewatering / fines removal screens
  • Product drop out gates - Manual or pneumatic
  • Defect product side lanes - Any products that fail to meet the specification standards are manually removed by the operators & can be disposed of via the side reject lanes & discharge chutes
  • Lane dividers - Fixed or adjustable
  • Working platforms to suit operators
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