Multipurpose Lifting Equipment

Multipurpose Lifting Equipment

This lightweight, mobile, multipurpose lifter is a versatile piece of equipment designed to suit a large range of lifting applications, improving employee safety, productivity and reducing down time.

Specifically engineered to eliminate manual handling related musculoskeletal injuries that can be costly for an employer this multipurpose lifter is ideal for use in any hygienic clean environment.

The lifter is compatible with a variety of different standard and bespoke attachments to suit applications. Find out more about below.

fork tool

Forks Lifting

The multipurpose with forks lifting attachment is designed for lightweight pallet, dollie, bins, hoppers and container lifting. Its smaller footprint and lightweight design ensure the lifter is accessible and easy to use. This makes it the ideal lifting alternative to forklifts and pallet trucks in any environment where space is at a premium.

tray lifting

Tray Lifting

Transporting and lifting trays of product can present a number of potential risks to an operator, in particular when done by hand. These risks can include stumbling or falling causing injury, dropping the tray and damaging the product or even straining your back when bending to lift a tray. This is why we recommend the multipurpose lifter with its tray configuration, to limit the risks involved in the manual handling of trays.

reel lifting

Reel Lifting

Material used in the bagging and filling process is often supplied on reels. Film reels, packaging reels and web reels contain bags, sleeves etc; that are formed, filled and sealed to create a finished product ready to go on the shelf. However these reels are often above the recommended manual handling weight, presenting a risk of injury. To limit these risks we recommend using the multipurpose lifter reel handling attachment for quick, safe and efficient handling of reels.

barrel lifting

Barrel Lifting

The multipurpose light weight lifting machine has an attachment designed specifically for lifting barrels, small bins, circular vessels. The attachment has a maximum safe working load of 100kg. This means it is ideal for transporting heavy barrels and containers around factory sites as well as raising them to safe working heights before emptying them. This lifter provides an efficient solution for transporting barrels whilst reducing the risks of manual handling injuries.

form and fill tool

Form and Fill Tool

During the bagging and filling production process multihead weighers and form and fill tools are used. In this process various sized form and fill tools are used and are often stored on racks, which can sometimes be a good distance away from the filling machine. As these tools typically weigh around 40kg this presents a manual handling issue. This is why we recommend using the multipurpose lifter with form and fill tool attachment for transporting these tools.

bespoke lifter

Bespoke Applications

A range of other bespoke attachments available, engineered to suit your specific industry requirements, reduce risk of injury caused by manual handling and optimise industrial processes.

Bespoke attachments include chain and sling, bottle attachment, roller tray, rotating clamp, special lifting, vertical reel, bin, super reach and 90° vertical attachment.