DC300-Container - Double Column Tipper - Raised Position

Dolav Column Tipper

Lifts Pallets and Dolavs

Pallet and Dolav Lifter

Dolav Column Tipper - Vacuum Tumbler

This double column tipper is designed to safely raise and tip industrial containers and Dolavs in any hygienic environment with bespoke chutes available to feed any commercially available vacuum tumbler.

  • Location guides for accurate positioning of tipper before tipping product to feed a vacuum tumbler
  • Can handle up to 1500kg of product inside Dolavs and industrial containers
  • Grade 304 stainless steel construction
  • Enables fast and efficient handling of various products.
  • Carriage suits a range of Dolavs, tanks and industrial containers
  • Hygienic design
  • Operator control functions and production line integration options available
  • Enables fast and efficient handling of various products
  • Interlocked guarding as standard
SKU CODE: tumbler-tipper
  • These lifters can be designed to tip a variety of containers, plastic pallets, CHEP, pallecon and Dolavs with weights at heights to suit most commercially available vacuum tumblers
  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Enables fast and efficient handling of various products
  • Can be supplied with guarding and interlocking gates for safety
  • Finish: Bead Blast
  • Electrical Requirements: 400 volt 3 phase neutral and Earth
  • Control voltage: 24 volts
  • Protection: IP65
  • Maximum S.W.L: 600-1500kg
  • Tipping height range:135° max - 45° from horizontal position
  • Features:
    Hold to run
    Tested to 1½ times SWL
    Lifting via duplex chains
  • Options:
    Can be designed to lift most vessels used in the food industry
    Guarding with interlocked gates
  • Syspal designs and maufactures a wide range of lifters to suit most requirements
  • The tippers are flexibly designed to accommodate bespoke tip heights, tip angles and production line integration options to meet individual needs
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