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Coffee packing station

Used in this project:

  • 2 x Modular Conveyors

  • Box Sealer

  • Gravity Roller Conveyor

Learn More About This Project:

Packing stations can be specified using a series of conveyor products to create your perfect end of line packaging solution. This type of solution is ideal for artisan batch production packing of boxes or containers. Other similar systems can integrate PU belt conveyors and rotary turntables. Our technical sales team and designers have decades of experience and can help you specify your ideal packing station, meeting the requirements of your product and batch sizes.

One of our customers recently asked us to develop a system for end of line packaging for bags of coffee. Our design team worked with the customer to develop a packaging solution which incorporates modular conveyors, a box sealer and a gravity roller conveyor as its main components.

The first modular conveyor feeds the operators a consistent flow of finished bags of coffee ready for packaging for dispatch. Using bespoke integrated height adjustable packing tables the operators can pack the bags into boxes. Once the boxes are full, a second modular conveyor feeds them through a box sealer and onto a gravity roller conveyor to complete the packaging line.

Constructed entirely from stainless steel, all of the equipment is designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance. The system meets the strict standards of hygiene required within the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

Whether it’s a completely bespoke design or combining standard products with a bespoke component we can create a solution for you. We specialise in making intelligent solutions for processing and packaging no matter what the application or product. If you have the need to make your packing area more efficient or just want to know if we can design a workflow for your requirements, please contact our technical sales team.