Trays & Euro Containers

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Trays & Euro Containers

SYSPAL has a range of products and equipment designed to handle trays and Euro containers safely and hygienically. If you use non-industry standard trays or Euro containers, call as we can always source additional equipment or work in conjunction with you to create a bespoke product specifically designed for your needs.

Lifting (high level)

For high level tray or Euro container lifting applications SYSPAL have a range that includes tray single column lifters and tippers and quick transfer tray goods lifts.


SYSPAL have a range of industrial tray and Euro container washing machines designed to solve the problems associated with washing trays and Euro containers of all different sizes. Also available are an industrial tunnel tray washing machine and a tray stand designed to wash trays and Euro containers manually with spray hoses.


SYSPAL has a range of tray and Euro container accessories including tray stands, tray carriers, tray racking, light weight lifters for trays, trolleys, mobile shelving and dollies.

Trays & Euro Containers

SYSPAL has a vast range of trays and Euro containers available including mesh and solid trays and Euro containers ranging from gastronorm, plastic, tapered and perforated trays.


SYSPAL has a weigh scale designed to weigh multiple trays and Euro containers. Maximum tray or Euro container size accommodated is 800x600mm. Multiple SWL options available.