Industrial Washing Systems

SYSPAL provide an extensive range of products for industrial washing and sterilisation.

Under counter utensil washers are ingeniously designed for high capacity washing in a limited space. These wash units can be provided as standalone items, or they can be integrated with a storage cupboard and sink.

Utensil washers are for sterilising and storing the knife handling system baskets. The baskets wash, disinfect and store multiple knives when used in the UVC steriliser cabinet. This range of products can also be utilised for cutlery, gloves, aprons and other utensils. Both the knife handling systems and the UVC sterilisation cabinets conform to HACCP regulations and standards.

All industrial washing systems are designed with the safety of operatives, cost and an exceptionally high standard of hygiene in mind.

The range has a variety of options to suit your individual requirements. Please contact our knowledgeable team who will be happy to assist you.