Industrial Washing Machines

With labour saving, safety and turnaround time in mind, SYSPAL are pleased to present a range of industrial washing machines.

  • The tray washing machine cleans up to 250 trays per hour
  • The knife basket washing machine cleans between 15 and 30 baskets per minute and can be altered depending on tray sizes
  • The modular tray washing machine washes up to 800 trays per hour.
  • These self contained units and single use operating systems provide highly practical washing solutions and can improve cleaning throughput.

    All 3 products have chain conveyors with adjustable speeds, allowing you to select the conveyor speed suitable for the amount of debris to be removed. The industrial washing machines are easily installed using mains water with electric flow heaters. Additional options can include water softening systems, disinfectant devices and steam extractor fans.

    Industrial washing machines are manufactured in durable 304 grade stainless steel ensuring compliance with international food safety standards. Please contact the SYSPAL team for any questions you may have or lead times and availability.