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Washing Equipment

SYSPAL Washing Solutions

SYSPAL wash frames are designed to reduce the risk of injury as a result of manual handling. The wash frames are designed for use by a single operator, helping to improve the efficiency of your production line. Throughout the washing solution range the units are manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel, designed to be compliant with food industry standards.

All wash frame models are available with bolt down feet or freestanding. Choose between a manual, direct drive or pneumatic model. The range allows for 360° cleaning and maintenance access, whilst reducing the risk of damage to both the container being washed and the washroom floor, improving throughput and hygienic practices.

Washing Applications


  • Accommodates a full range of Eurobins
  • Pneumatic, manual and automatic models available
  • Allows the user to safely raise the Eurobins to 100° for effective wash down
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Mixing Bowls

  • Mixing Bowl Wash Frame allows the operator to effectively clean down large mixing bowls following mixing processes
  • Up to 500kg capacity
  • Up to 100° tipping angle for 360° cleaning of the mixing bowl
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Dolavs & Containers

  • Dolav Pneumatic Wash Frame has hold to run pneumatic operation for safe use in wash down areas
  • Automatic industrial washing machine for washing containers up to 1000x800mm
  • 304 grade stainless steel construction to adhere to food industry standards
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  • Heavy duty tank wash frames with a load capacity of 500kg
  • Wash frame utilises a direct drive to tip the tanks 100° for effective cleaning
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  • Industrial tray washing machines and manual tray wash frames available, all manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel to comply with food industry standards
  • All models designed to provide thorough cleaning and efficient residual water drainage
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Washing Equipment