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Rotary Turntable Standards

Rotary turntables improve the efficiency of your production lines and packing stations.

Outer perimeter guard rails can have cut outs added to facilitate in-feed and out-feed conveyors. Diverter arms can be added to ensure a regulated feed to the next stage of production. Adjustable height function with + / - 150mm from 850mm and a variable speed option are standard.

Rotary turntable projects are a bespoke option and our design team can interface them into an existing system or offer a total product handling solution.

All SYSPAL rotary turntables comply with strict food industry hygienic guidelines and are easy to clean down. Our design team are on hand to work with you to produce a suitable, safe and cost effective unit for you. Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable conveyors team to discuss your requirements.

Need Help Project Planning?

Speak to us about utilising a rotary turntable (lazy susan) as a cost effective method of evenly distributing product to the out-feed of packaging or production lines. The rotary turntables can be supplied in various sizes, as a 3 or 4 leg model and with fixed or variable speed. The variable speed allows for more control of the unit and the ability to adjust the speed to suit the line or users. Customising your rotary turntable to meet your production needs can be done by adding optional features such as: fixed or rotating retaining guide rails, diverter arms, rail cut outs for in/out feed or a HDP top instead of stainless steel. Our design team can interface the rotary turntables into an existing system or offer a total product handling solution package. Below are some examples of rotary turntable specials, designed to the suit the requirements of the customer.

Rotary Turntable Project with bottles

Rotary Turntable Projects

Two rotary turntables were situated at either end of an existing labelling machine for constant, regulated throughput of product. Our design team worked to incorporate the new rotary turntables with the existing machinery, including designing the linking sections. The lazy susans (rotary turntables) ensure the bottles are passed through the labelling machines in a controlled manner utilising diverter arms and tubular retaining rails and passed through a rail cut out to be held in the secondary rotary turntable for the next stage of packaging.

RTT Special
RTT Special

The above image showcases how small scale items that require diverting onto packaging lines, can utilise a rotary turntable to give a regulated throughout. This design features diverter arms and a flat up stand retaining guide rail to ensure smooth flow of the product. The rail cut outs ensure regulated in feed to the next stage of production. The diverter arms can be adjusted to suit production flow speed levels and the variable speed ensure the production flow is controlled to suit the needs of the line or the users.