High Speed Tippers

SYSPAL have designed a range of high speed tippers which take the strain out of manual handling and keep the production line efficient and fast moving.

The high speed tray tipper can take most sizes of trays between levels, lifting up to 25kg at 24m per second.

The high speed fixed bucket tipper assists in the transfer of product from low level to high level with a speed of 1.2m per second and has a safe handling load of 35kg.

The high speed Eurobin tipper is designed to lift and tip 200 litre Eurobins (tote bins) with a load of 80kg and a speed of 0.4m per second.

Taking into account diverse customer requirements, the tippers have many different features, from manual stand alone operation to fully automated continuous process control. Fully guarded lift column as standard along with interlocked access doors and bin/tray transfer guarding where applicable.

All high speed tippers have ease of operation and safety as paramount to the design with many built-in features for safer working practice. As with all SYSPAL products designed for the food industry, tippers are manufactured from durable 304 grade stainless steel which is exceptionally easy to clean.

Please contact the SYSPAL team who can help you integrate high speed tippers into your feeding processes and multihead weighers. The team can advise you and combine the high speed tippers with your existing equipment. The tray tippers can link up with other SYSPAL products such as our range of vibratory conveyors and feeders.