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Clean Line Eurobin Handling

Clean Line - leave the wheels on the floor

SYSPAL Clean Line Eurobin Solutions

SYSPAL have designed a range of handling equipment to accommodate both Clean Line Eurobins with detachable bases and standard DIN 9797 Eurobins. If you are looking to integrate Clean Line Eurobins as a way to improve best practice, this line of handling equipment provides you maximum flexibility for your production processes.

We have single column tippers, tippers, wash frames and weigh scales within this range so you can replace existing equipment and still retain a Single Bin Solution overall.

Locking mechanism retains wheelbase in place which removes a health and safety risk to the operator, whilst the bin is being tipped

Detachable wheelbase designed to be stacked and stored securely and safely whilst not in use

Clean Line Eurobin Handling Equipment

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Clean Line Eurobin Handling

Clean Line Handling Equipment

Column Tippers

  • Designed to improve best practice and food safety standards within production
  • Accommodates Clean Line Eurobins and standard DIN 9797 Eurobins
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  • Limit risk of contamination from wheels by using Clean Line Eurobins in tipping applications
  • Tipper designed to handling standard Eurobins in addition to Clean Line Eurobins
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  • Eurobin weigh scales designed to work with both Clean Line and standard Eurobins
  • Part of the Clean Line Eurobin Single Bin Solution
  • Eliminates the need for hazardous pits and ramps
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Wash Frames

  • Eurobin double wash frame designed to tip both Clean Line and standard Eurobins to provide maximum flexibility
  • Allows for ergonomic access to the bin whilst cleaning without manual handling
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