Container Wash Frames

SYSPAL container wash frames are designed for assistance with the easy and quick cleaning of bulky, large handling containers such as tanks, bowls, dolavs, plastic containers, trays and other food industry containers. The frames allow easy 360° cleaning access. The wash frames are either direct drive or pneumatic, ensuring the highest level of safety in the washroom area. Designed for single operator use, the frames lift the dolavs, tanks and bowls to 100° in 15 seconds. They are hygienic in design and have either bolt down feet or are free standing. The tray wash rack has been designed to assist with cleaning as well as the facility to clean multiple units at once. Perforated shelving holds the items at an angle of 14° for ease of access to the entire tray interior. All SYSPAL wash frames are strong and reliable, they are constructed from 304 grade stainless steel which is resistant to oxidation and corrosion and is exceptionally easy to sanitise. Our friendly and knowledgeable team look forward to hearing from you.