Tipping and Tilting Equipment

Tipping and Tilting Equipment

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SYSPAL Tipping and Tilting Solutions

The units manufactured by SYSPAL have been designed specifically to reduce the risk of injury as a result of manual handling. The tippers and tilters support productivity by employing a single use operator system. Across the range the units are manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel, making the tilters and tippers ideal for compliance with food industry standards.

The tippers and tilters include static or mobile versions for ease of movement around the production area. Choose between a mains or battery operated models. The range boasts a hygienic innovative design, enclosed bearing systems, no lubrication, no chains and all adhere to the IP65 rating.

Tippers and Tilters Applications


  • Accommodates a full range of Eurobins
  • Bespoke tranfer chutes available to suit specific applications
  • Mechanical bin retention prevents lift operation in event of incorrect Eurobin loading

Mixing Bowls

  • Mixing Bowl Tipper has a tipping angle up to 125° from lowered position. Ideal for dough/pastry products, viscose liquid and free flowing grains and powders
  • High load capacity of 1000kg
  • Mobile or bolt down base options

Dolavs & Containers

  • Dolav Tipper and Tilters are designed to tip a variety of containers and dolavs to a safe height for unloading by hand. Reducing operator fatigue by providing a constant access height.
  • High load capacity of up to 1500kg*
  • Mobile or bolt down base options

Barrels & Drums Tippers

  • Barrel & Drum Tippers are designed for the safe and effective decanting and transfer of product from barrels, drums and other food industry containers.
  • Tipping carriages and transfer chutes can be designed to suit application