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Manual Reel Lifter

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  • Sizes to suit application
  • Application specific attachments available to create a multipurpose lifter
  • No battery required
  • Manual winch controls

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This SYSPAL manual reel lifter is specifically designed to transport and lift film reels or rolls around in hygienic working areas. The reel lifter has been engineered to reduce the risk of costly employee absence due to musculoskeletal back injuries related to manual handling.

The purpose-designed piece of equipment can be adapted to suit any application through the purchase of the application specific attachments. The multipurpose lifter with its 100% stainless steel construction is ideal for use in any clean room or hygienic working environment.

  • An ergonomic design makes operating and moving the equipment an easy and comfortable task.
  • Its small footprint and compact build make the reel lifter manoeuvrable and easy to use even in narrow working areas.
  • No battery required for operation as manual winch controls are used to lift reels or rolls.
  • Castor wheels are fitted with brakes to ensure the lifter maintains a safe and stable position whilst lifting.

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