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Multipurpose Lifter - Tray Lifting

Multipurpose Lifter - Tray Lifting

# Part Number:
  • L 885 x W 500 x H 2070
  • Lightweight, mobile, battery operated lifting and loading machine.
  • Capability to lift reels directly from pallets.
  • Saves on labour and increases production efficiency.

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Transporting and lifting of trays and boxes of product can present a number of potential risks to an operator, in particular when done by hand. These risks can include stumbling or falling causing injury, dropping the tray and damaging the product or even straining your back when bending to lift a tray. This is why we recommend the Multipurpose lifter with its tray configuration, to limit the risks involved in the manual handling of trays.

Using the tray lifting attachment offers significant efficiency and safety benefits to users. A particular example of this is in factories where an operator needs to take boxes up to a small platform level for emptying contents. The ability to load multiple boxes on to the tray at a comfortable working height improves efficiency and prevents operator bending fatigue.

Once loaded, this tray can then be raised up to above the hand rail of the low level platform placing them at a safe height for removal and use. This eliminates the process of a user having to collect a box from one area and carry it upstairs, limiting the risks stated above. Transferring multiple boxes at a time also minimises the time lost walking between areas. Overall this lifter can speed up the process significantly whilst improving safe practices.

The tray attachment can be designed in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations to suit needs. Additional bespoke features such as rollers for ease of removal, chains to secure loads, and special designs for securing awkward loads can also be specified.

  • Maximum Load Capacity: 100kg - Dependent on attachment and application.
  • Maximum Lift (mm): 2000mm approx
  • Finish: Bead Blast
  • Power Supply Features:
    240 volts single phase
    Sealed gel battery
    Separate battery charger and power lead
  • Protection: IP65
  • Features: 
    Quick-change adapter for attachment switchover
    Variable height push handle
    Soft start drive for accurate positioning of attachment
    Up / Down controls on remote handset
    4 swivel wheels
    Braked rear wheels
  • Options:
    Manual winch unit available instead of battery powered
    Extended or shortened column height
    Base frame available longer or wider to suit applications
    110 volts charger
    Grade 316 Stainless Steel
    Adaptor plate for use with additional attachments
    Rubber or anti-static wheels.