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Multipurpose Lifter - Tray Lifting

Multipurpose Lifter - Tray Lifting

multipurpose stainless steel barrel lifter

Multipurpose Lifter - Barrel Lifting

Multipurpose Lifter - Reel Lifting

Material used in the bagging and filling process is often supplied on reels. Film reels, packaging reels and web reels contain bags, sleeves etc; that are formed, filled and sealed to create a finished product ready to go on the shelf.

These reels can weigh above the recommended manual handling weight, presenting a risk of injury. The reels often need to be loaded to machines or stored on racks at unreachable heights. The reel lifting attachments on the Multipurpose lifting machine can handle reels in a variety of ways and for various applications and line layouts for loading and transferring from various areas to various machines. Single prongs are the basic tool attachment for lifting reels via the core. Where the core needs to be kept free, we can manufacture a cradle or double boom which allows you to drive a reel directly onto the mandrel of a machine. This in turn with the lifting mechanism allows you to load, and unload reels at heights unreachable by an operator.

  • L 885 x W 500 x H 2070
  • Lightweight, mobile, battery operated lifting and loading machine.
  • Capability to lift reels directly from pallets.
  • Saves on labour and increases production efficiency.

SKU CODE: 608/EL5-reel-lift

Other attachments include the 90 degree swivel which allows you to pick up a reel from a pallet by the core, clamp it and swivel it round to horizontal. Thus then allowing you to loading on to racking (from a pallet) or direct to the machine.

  • Maximum Load Capacity: 100kg - Dependent on attachment and application.
  • Maximum Lift (mm): 2000mm approx
  • Finish: Bead Blast
  • Power Supply Features:
    240 volts single phase
    Sealed gel battery
    Separate battery charger and power lead
  • Protection: IP65
  • Features: 
    Quick-change adapter for attachment switchover
    Variable height push handle
    Soft start drive for accurate positioning of attachment
    Up / Down controls on remote handset
    4 swivel wheels
    Braked rear wheels
  • Options:
    Manual winch unit available instead of battery powered
    Extended or shortened column height
    Base frame available longer or wider to suit applications
    110 volts charger
    Grade 316 Stainless Steel
    Adaptor plate for use with additional attachments
    Rubber or anti-static wheels.