Clean Line Eurobin Double Wash Frame

Clean Line Eurobin Double Wash Frame

Eurobin - Raised

Eurobin Wash Frame Single Unit

Eurobin Washer

The Eurobin Washer is specifically designed for the fully automated washing of DIN 9797 Eurobins. This cabin washing machine cuts down on washing costs while ensuring a consistent, high standard of hygiene. Perfectly positioned, powerful water spray nozzles perform through cleaning of the Eurobin inside and out.


  • Suitable for 200L Eurobins
  • Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel
  • Washing capacity of up to 30 Eurobins per hour
  • Rinsing tank and main tank for water
  • Automatic loading and unloading of Eurobins into washer with location guides for accuracy
  • Rinsing with clean water
  • Easy and convenient access to spray nozzles and water tanks
  • Electric water heating
  • Adjustable washing and rinsing parameters
  • Auto dosing of detergent
  • Low water protection system
  • Double filtering system
  • Height adjustable
  • IP65 protection of electrical parts
  • Safety guards in the loading and unloading area
  • Safety light beam protection in the loading and unloading area
  • Dimensions: L1820 x W3700 x H2500mm

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  • 300L Eurobin washing
  • Steam water heating
  • Steam extraction system
  • Water softening system
  • Additional electric flow heater (when the rinse water is too cold)
  • Sanitisation with hot water of 85 °C
  • Sanitiser dispenser
  • Rotary drum filter for larger particles of dirt
  • Belt filter to remove particles smaller than 2 mm2
  • Basket for utensils and small parts
  • Mesh conveyor belt
  • Left or right position of command keys
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