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4 Leg Rotary Turntable

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Our Four Leg Rotary Turntable, has been designed specifically for a range of applications, across a variety of industries; such as drinks, parmaceutical, food manufacturers, ready meals, canning, and many more.

The rotary turntable can be used as a standalone product to provide an absorber when required for accumulation or descrambling, or as part of an integrated product handling system.

The Syspal Lazy Susan, utilises high quality material and design, at an affordable price to ensure applications remain efficient within the production area.

The RTT also compliments our range of conveyors, that can act as infeed or outfeed conveyors – see our Conveyor section for more information

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Product Name Price Qty
4 Leg Rotary Turntable - Ø800mm x H850mm -
SKU: 516/006050
4 Leg Rotary Turntable - Ø1000mm x H850mm -
SKU: 516/006051
4 Leg Rotary Turntable - Ø1200mm x H850mm -
SKU: 516/006052
4 Leg Rotary Turntable - Ø1500mm x H850mm -
SKU: 516/006053
4 Leg Rotary Turntable - Ø1800mm x H850mm -
SKU: 516/006054
4 Leg Rotary Turntable - Ø2000mm x H850mm -
SKU: 516/006055


  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Removable tops to aid cleaning & maintenance
  • Unique friction drive system for safe operation
  • HDPE top with stainless top option
  • Fixed or variable speed control options
  • Outer perimeter guard rail
  • Product guide rail & diverter options available
  • 850mm+/- adjustable height with levelling feet
  • Mobile options available


  • Plastic ‘fixed speed’ control IP65 rated
  • 415V-3Ph-50HZ electrical supply

  • Plastic ‘variable speed Inverter’ control IP66 rated with +/- 50% speed variation
  • 240V-1Ph-50HZ electrical supply

  • Stainless steel ‘variable speed control panel’ IP66 rated with +/- 50% speed variation
  • External start/estop/speed control pot/isolator, controls
  • 240V-1Ph-50HZ electrical supply

Product guidance

  • Fixed or rotating product guide rails with flat up stand or tubular options
  • Diverter arms
  • Rail cut outs for infeed/out feed conveyors
  • Transfers ‘To and From’ adjacent equipment
  • Product accumulation guidance