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Transverger Stainless Steel Conveyor

Transverger Stainless Steel Conveyor

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  • L 3150 x W 1050 x H 920
  • In tests conducted in a commercial production environment the transverger stainless steel conveyor increased production line efficiency by an incredible 45%

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  • The transverger stainless steel conveyor is designed to transfer product from multi-pac state to a single stream from 2 lanes to 1 lane
  • Intelligent speed control manages the outfeed from your vacuum forming machine
  • Unique index facility transfers the product 90º avoiding the need to mechanically turn and separate the product
  • The transverger conveyor changes product orientation from wide edge leading to narrow edge leading
  • Automatically progresses the product through an integral S bend conveyor to keep the whole process in line
  • Utilises a speed up section to separate packs prior to metal detection, check weighing and label application
  • The stainless steel infeed conveyors are adjustable to suit product width between 210mm and 330mm pack centres and can infeed in excess of 100 packs per minute