Four Cradle Stillage

S/S Four Cradle Stillage

Single Prong Carrier

S/S Single Prong Carrier

S/S Foil Reel Racking System

  • Dimensions: L5700 x W900 x H1500mm
  • 304 grade stainless steel
  • Capacity approximately 180 reels - 3 per prong (except upper tier)
  • Modular design comprising of two sections
  • Each section consists of 36 prongs in a 9 long x 4 high arrangement
  • Upper prongs 510mm lg [15 kilos]
  • Remaining prongs 760mm lg [45 kilos]
  • All prong ends to be capped
  • Base stabilisers and floor fixing plates
SKU CODE: 537/001121

Ensuring your reels are stored correctly is vital to maintaining excellent hygiene standards. Using a storage unit prevents reels from unnecessary contact with floors and other surfaces where they can easily be contaminated or damaged.

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