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Wall Mounted Eye Wash Basin

Wall Mounted Eye Wash Basin

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Manually operated wall mounted eye wash station with basin.

  • Dimensions: L375 x W375 x H178mm
  • Flow rate 20 lpm at 3 bar
  • Aerator has a stainless steel double filter
  • Wall mounted on a brass plate (screws not included)
  • Supplied with standard identification sign 'Eye Wash'
  • Water flow is controlled by the hand control. The eyewash will continue to operate until the hand control is released
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Health and safety standards require eye wash stations should be easily located close to hazardous work environments where chemical spillage and splashing is a risk to the eyes, face or bodies of your work force.

Our range of eye wash stations provide on-the-spot decontamination to minimise the effects of accidental exposure to chemicals.