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Sole Scrubbing Units

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Walk through sole scrubbing unit designed to efficiently clean all employees’ boot soles before entering hygiene-conscious areas.

  • 304 grade stainless steel construction
  • Each model is available in two versions of vertical brush height: 70mm or 300mm high
  • Sensor operated ‘step on step off’ unit
  • Hand rails both sides
  • Built-in dosatron
  • Water connection R 3/4"
  • Horizontal brush diameter 190mm
  • Easy to change, removable brushes
  • Slim design with bi-directional operation for space efficiency
  • Height adjustable
  • All adjustable feet

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Availability: In stock

Product Name Price Qty
V70 Vertical Brushes DR1000 -
SKU: 567/DR1000-V70
V300 Vertical Brushes DR1000 -
SKU: 567/DR1000-V300
DR1400 -
SKU: 567/DR1400
DR1800 -
SKU: 567/DR1800
DR2300 -
SKU: 567/DR2300

  • Guarantee that all personnel have sanitised footwear before entering production areas.
  • The unit is activated by a sensor.
  • All internal parts are easily accessible through the service cover.
  • Optional tripod turnstile can be fitted if the flow of personnel through the machine needs to be controlled.
Horizontal Brush Length:
  • DR1000 L1020mm
  • DR1400 L1365mm
  • DR1800 L1800mm
  • DR2300 L2130mm
Dimensions: (Length x Width x Height unless stated)

All sizes shown are external dimensions

  • DR1000 L1760 x W750 x H1430mm
  • DR1400 L2185 x W750 x H1430mm
  • DR1800 L2590 x W750 x H1430mm
  • DR2300 L3115 x W750 x H1430mm