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Pedestal Mounting Kit

Pedestal Mounting Kit

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Pedestal mounting kit which converts wall mounted trough sinks into floor mounted units.

  • Available for one to five station sinks
  • Compatible with both knee-push and sensor sinks
  • Three to Five station models require two pedestal stands for added support
  • This seperate conversion kit does not come as standard with Syspal sinks unless ordered.
Dimensions: (Length x Width x Height unless stated)
  • Spec available on enquiry

If you have any questions about this product please call our friendly sales team on +44(0)1952 883188 or complete our contact form to receive a call back

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Product Name Price Qty
1 Station - Mounting Kit -
SKU: 517/012010
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2 Station - Mounting Kit -
SKU: 517/012010-2station
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3 Station - Mounting Kit -
SKU: 517/012010-3Station
4 Station - Mounting Kit -
SKU: 517/012010-4Station
5 Station - Mounting Kit -
SKU: 517/012010-5Station