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 Mediclinics Dualflow® Plus Eco Hand Dryer

Mediclinics Dualflow® Plus Eco Hand Dryer

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The Dualflow M14ACS Silver Hand Dryer is an exceptionally well designed hand dryer that provides energy efficiency and fast dry times at relatively low noise levels. It is one of the best all round blade hand dryers available on the UK market, a claim which can be backed up in controlled, independent testing.

  • 12 second dry time - In house and independently verified
  • Long life guarantee – EU made with impressive 4 year guarantee; we are the only company giving this 1 year extended.
  • Low energy consumption - Only 3.67W per dry in Turbo without heat mode, costing around 44p per 1000 dries.
  • Unique water collection system – excess water ends up in a tray that is easily drained. Maximising health and safety with no water on the floor, no slip hazard and improving cleanliness with no mess.
  • Adjustable hand dryer allowing for noise and energy levels to be customisable to your own requirements
  • Hygienic extras included for added peace of mind – anti bacterial coating, HEPA filter as standard and HACCP certified.
  • Option to add heat to the airflow at a flick of a switch, adding just 400W to the rated power – heater element switched off as standard.
  • Includes an intelligent maintenance diagnostic and service system – know when to service and what’s wrong with the unit in an instant - saving time and money
  • A very stylish unit suitable for the most plush of washrooms. Dimensions are - W320 x H656 x D226 mm
  • Has one of the best brushed motors in its class, able to withstand extremely high daily traffic of up to 500 users per day – fantastic value
  • CE, UL, GS and ROHS approved

If you have any questions about this product please call our friendly sales team on +44(0)1952 883188 or complete our contact form to receive a call back

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