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300L 3 High Eurobin Racking

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Hygienic modular, flexible racking solution for 300L Eurobins with interacting safety stacker. Ideal for maximising available floor space within WIP storage and chill room facilities.

  • More capacity per shelf - Up to 50% more storage per bay when using 300L Eurobins
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Accommodates 300L Eurobins
  • Modular design allows flexible configurations and additional bays to be added as production output increases
  • Also compatible with 200L 4 high eurobin racking add on bays
  • Improves organisation or Eurobins and offers quick identification when utilising Eurobin covers. Enabling effective management of product rotation, batch identification and stock control.
  • Assembly system means alterations or relocations can be done with ease
  • Compatible stainless steel stacker designed with location guides and positional stops to ensure Eurobins are handled safely
  • Site survey, layout design and installation services available

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