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Farm Shop and Deli Show 2016

April was a busy period for SYSPAL and this time last month the team were just getting prepared for the Farm shop & Deli exhibition, a show that brings thousands of specialist food manufacturers and industry professionals to the NEC in Birmingham.

Farm Shop & Deli is a very diverse show with a huge variety of different food and product types on display but one factor remains the same in their production, and that is the hygienic practices required in the manufacturing process.

Which is where SYSPAL fit in; on our stand at the show we displayed just a small range of hygienic equipment that we manufacture including hand wash sinks, lockers, graduated buckets and dispenser brackets.

Although we were not able to display a larger range of products, the show provided the ideal opportunity for the launch of our new Essentials 24 brochure. This allowed us to engage with a wide range of specialist food manufacturers with different equipment requirements and showcase the large breadth of equipment we can provide.

The products included in Essentials 24 are all designed for intensive day-to-day use in challenging hygienic environments including: Sinks, health and safety equipment, lockers, boot and shoe storage, ppe dispensers, hygiene stations, racking, shelving, Eurobins, trolleys and trays, pallets, high care furniture and many more.

Our stand was kept busy over the three days which has resulted in a lot of leads and enquiries reinforcing the value of this show for SYSPAL.

As it was such a good show this year we’ve already begun planning for Farm Shop & Deli 2017 where our stand will be bigger and better.