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Q. What style of conveyor will i need for my application?

The style of conveyor is largely dependent upon the application. An evaluation of the type of belting best suited to the application will be make upon confirmation of the product being transferred. Once the belt type has been confirmed the conveyor style choice can be narrowed down. Other factors such as production areas , inclines, declines, merges, knife edge tranfers etc, further narrow the style of conveyor. Once the general style of conveyor has been made a more specific apporach is applied to derrive the actual conveyor specification.

Q. Hygiene is a very important factor in our business. How easy are your stainless steel conveyor to keep clean?

Syspal stainless steel conveyors are designed and manufactured to suit the application requirements. Using equipment styles that are already tried and tested, the equipment ordered is tailored to suit the customers individual hygiene specific requirements. Many years of manufacturing stainless steel conveyors for hygiene concious industries has accrued a wealth of knowledge.

Q. Ease of maintenance is a big factor for consideration, how do the Syspal conveyors accomodate this requirement?

Manufacturing conveyors with good hygeine access in mind tends to go hand-in-hand when designing equipment for ease of maintenance. At the design stage considerable emphasis is placed upon the ease of conveyor maintenance. A machine that is straightforward to access and maintain will receive regular preventative maintenance checks, it is human nature to shy away from that which would be difficult. Every conveyor manufactured comes complete with CE Documentation within which a recommended spares parts is included.

Q. How long will the belt last on your stainless steel conveyors?

Belt life on the Syspal stainless steel conveyors is very dependent on the application. While every effort will be made to design the equipment with good belt life in mind - the type of product, general maintenance and good house keeping are all factors that greatly influence the overall time that a belt will last in its given application. Syspal works closely with belting manufacturers to ensure that the stainless steel conveyors that are manufactured are best suited to the type of belting required. Many customers have a preferred belting manufacturer for their particuar site / production area, where this is a requirement it will be accommodated.

Q. Do you manufacture standard off-the-shelf stainless steel conveyors?

While Syspal manufactures stainless steel conveyors with the style chosen to suit the application, there are a range of general purpose conveyors held in stock for that last minute next day conveyor requirement. The Cheetah 2000 range of stainless steel conveyors are available in a selection of lengths: 1.5m , 2.0m, 3.0m of belt width 310mm .. at 850mm high. Where these stock lengths are just not quite as required - Syspal can modify the stock unit - typically within 3 or 4 working days to suit the specific requirements.

Stainless Steel Cleaning Instructions

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