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UV Sanitisation Unit

# Part Number:

The new hygiene standard:

UV sanitisation robots use UV-C light to kill germs, viruses and pathogens on all visible surfaces. Keeping employees safer and improving overall disinfection.

Waterproof to IP65:

Ideal for use in damp or wet environments. Making it perfect for changing rooms and production areas, as part of a best practice cleaning policy.

UV measurements traceable to National Standards.

Tried and tested technology:

Fast and effective against Covid-19.

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MORE UV Sanitisation Unit FEATURES  

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  • Adjustable run times. Provided with data that allows you to select run time based on room size
  • Highly effective disinfection without the need for chemicals
  • Established UV light technology that is designed and manufactured in Great Britain
  • Glass safe (tubes wrapped in UV-C transmitting protective cover)
  • Robust Stainless Steel modular design, for simple maintenance and servicing
  • Supplied with comprehensive operating, maintenance and safety manual
  • Environmentally friendly with low running costs
  • Easily manoeuvrable between rooms size L 600mm x W 600mm x H 1800mm