Offline Pages Installation


Offline pages is essentially an application that can be installed on an iPad allowing you to visit any website offline, because all of the pages have been already been downloaded it is also much faster and efficient to use than a normal website.

Step 1 - Purchase the app

Purchase and download the app on your iPad by searching for Offline pages pro in the app store or by clicking the link below on your iPad

Click here to download Offline Pages Pro

Once the download is complete you should see an icon similar to the one below appear on one of the iPad homescreens

Offline Pages

After tapping on this icon you may be asked to register, please press skip.

Step 2 - Downloading the SYSPAL website to the app

Clicking the link below on your iPad will download the complete SYSPAL website into the Offline Pages Pro app, if a dialog appears asking you if you want to download in offline pages click 'open', the download will take between 1 and 3 hrs to complete depending on the speed of your internet connection, it is best to keep the offline pages app open during this time. If the iPad puts itself to sleep or loses connectivity during the download you will likely get a notification and can resume the download when you are ready.

Click here to add download the SYSPAL website to Offline Pages pro

Step 3 - Viewing the SYSPAL website offline

To view the SYSPAL website you will see it appear in a drop down by clicking a tray icon similar to the one below.

You can tell you're offline if there is a green tick next to the URL bar.

Keeping the SYSPAL website up to date

The update functions in the offline pages app are not very thorough, therefore to ensure you have our most up to date content I recommend re-downloading the app using the link below and deleting the older version, every few weeks or before an important event. You can re download using the link below. I have added a date stamp to the title of the download so you can keep track of when you last updated.

Click here to add download the SYSPAL website to Offline Pages pro