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Responsible Waste Management is an ever growing issue for today's manufacturers. Increasing landfill taxes placed on the UK’s food and beverage industries is starting to have an effect on profit margins.

Adhering to CSR policies and ISO standards, managing and monitoring waste streams can help to improve the waste management processes. By closely managing waste streams you will not only adhere to compliance and legislation but also look to reduce costs by minimising waste.

SYSPAL have a large range of waste management equipment ideal for collecting, transporting, monitoring and disposing of waste. Starting at the beginning of the waste management process with collection, SYSPAL have a wide range of bins and containers for the collection of all types of waste. Our range of polybag holders are suitable for a number of areas throughout the workspace including offices. A waste separation policy utilising our single polybag or triple polybag holders could help with recycling certain items efficiently. For larger waste streams such as production process wastage SYSPAL has a wide range of industrial containers available, including wheelie bins, Eurobins, tanks, troughs, chuted bins, and stackable bins.

Transportation is the next stage of the waste management process, whether that be for disposal, recycling or repurposing. SYSPAL have a wide range of options for the transportation and disposal of waste such as container Tippers and Tilters. Tippers and Tilters are built for a wide variety of industrial containers and are specifically designed to reduce the risk of injury as a result of manual handling. Units come in static or mobile versions, for ease of movement around the production area. Choose between a mains or battery operated models. The range boasts a hygienic innovative design, enclosed bearing systems, no lubrication, no chains and all adhere to the IP65 rating. Wheelie bin single column tippers can be used to tip full wheelie bins into larger waste receptacles and have a safe working load of up to 250kg. Single column tippers can also be used to transport waste to another production line to be repurposed into a secondary product.

WRAP's top essential action recommendation is for companies to measure their waste to understand how much they are producing. SYSPAL have a range of industrial weigh scales for Eurobins, Dolavs and other insulated industrial containers and pallets. The weighing scales are free standing, eliminating the need for floor pits and ramps and have high quality mettler toledo digital weigh head indicators. Additional features, such as count function and average piece weight can then be stored on the weigh head or collected using a standard USB host port.

SYSPAL’s range of equipment can help your company throughout the waste stream process. For a more unique waste collection system our experienced design team can put together a bespoke solution utilising containers, mechanical handling equipment and conveyors.

Call us today for more information on any of the above, we will be happy to talk through your company’s waste management needs.