Transverger Turns Around Production SpeedThe Missing Link for Packaging Lines

Syspal has developed a new conveyor unit which is set to transform the speed of many food packaging operations.

The Transverger is designed to solve a traditionally “weak link” in food production lines – the transfer of goods from a multiple state into a single product stream.

Conventional peg and belt conveyors can be slow and unreliable but the Transverger provides a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution. Recent tests conducted in a commercial production environment showed that the Transverger increased production speed by a remarkable 45%.

The system features intelligent speed control which manages the outfeed from the line’s vacuum forming machine. A unique index facility transfers the product through 90 degrees – thus avoiding the need to mechanically turn and separate the product instead the system automatically transfers the product through an integral “S” bend conveyor to keep the whole process in line. It also uses a speed up section to separate the packs before they proceed to metal detection, checkweighers and label application.

“Although a producer may have invested in the latest vacuum forming technology, the performance of the line will still be limited by the speed at which product is transferred onto the packaging line,” explains the Head of Mechanical Handling for Syspal. “The Transverger is a simple but extremely effective means of increasing the efficiency of this crucial process.”

Syspal is the UK’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel and aluminium equipment for food and pharmaceutical environments. The product range covers everything from a simple tray to designing and equipping complex food manufacturing plant