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At SYSPAL we understand that no two factories are the same and that every customer we speak to will have their own unique set of problems and challenges to overcome. But over the last 40 years we’ve achieved a reputation as specialists in developing innovative design projects and tailored solutions for any requirement across many different hygiene conscious industries.

Whatever your requirement, large or small, our extensive team of designers are able to work with you to analyse your existing production processes. Identifying areas that can be improved to create more efficient workflow and working environment.

Communication, collaboration and a personal approach is important to the way that SYSPAL work on projects. From one off pieces of equipment to large turn-key projects with multiple assemblies, our team will work with you to deliver an ideal solution for your requirement.

Our advanced manufacturing technology combined with our design capabilities allow us to deliver only the best quality products. This combination of excellent design and manufacturing is something we pride ourselves on, particularly as we create projects for hygiene conscious industries where the standards are high.

Recent projects that we've developed

Changing Room Designs

We’ve recently worked with a leading fresh produce manufacturer to refurbish a changing room area leading directly to their factory floor. As changing rooms are often the last barrier to hygienic working conditions we understand the importance of ensuring that all of the equipment is ultra-hygienic. This is why full stainless steel construction is effective in changing areas as it is easier to clean and more hygienic than plastic alternatives. With changing rooms and clean rooms also experiencing levels of high traffic the robustness of stainless steel is key to ensuring a long-lasting, durable environment

The changing room that we designed and manufactured for this particular customer incorporated hand washing sinks, lockers, hygiene stations, boot and shoe racks, changing room benches, boot washing belfast sinks, PPE dispensers and coat hanging hooks.

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Bespoke Meat Processing Conveyor

We were recently approached by a leading meat produce manufacturer who requested that we look over their boning and cutting line processes to identify how they could be improved. Following site visits from our design team we were able to work with the customer to analyse the processes that could be more efficient before designing a new system for them.

The unique solution that we delivered to the customer was a variable speed twin lane conveyor with integrated offcut storage and HDPE chopping boards. The system was linked with dolav handling equipment which removed the need to manually load and unload meat products to reduce the risk of back injuries. This installation meant that throughput would be greatly improved as more operators could work on one line at any one time whilst the process of transporting and handling the products was made safer and more efficient.

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Custom Packing Station Conveyor

We were recently asked by a customer to help them to improve their end of line packing processes to increase throughput and efficiency. The brief that our design team were given was to provide a system that meant operators could easily sort products before weighing them to ensure they could be labelled correctly and a cutting area to remove any required offcuts.

To meet this brief our design team put together a solution that combined both standard and bespoke pieces of equipment. The system included a Eurobin tipper for the easy handling of product onto a bespoke packing table that would filter the products evenly on to a variable speed belt conveyor. That meant the product could be easily sorted and checked before being deposited in to a second Eurobin ready for transportation at the end of the conveyor. The addition of knife sharpeners, HDPE topped cutting boards and integrated storage underneath meant that offcuts could quickly and efficiently be disposed of.

The packing station was designed to be completely crevice-free constructed from stainless steel combined with an easy to clean belt conveyor ensuring that all strict hygiene requirements were met. Whilst greater throughput could also be achieved as up to six operators could work on the station at any one time.

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Gravity Roller Tray Stacking System

Innovation is something that SYSPAL are experts in and we had to prove that when we were approached by a customer who wanted to transfer trays around their factory, without a powered conveyor. We rose to the challenge with a gravity roller conveyor that fit their specifications providing the correct speed of transportation and doing so in an efficient and safe way.

This was combined with a bespoke tray racking system that provided storage for 16 trays. As this was a bespoke system it was designed to suit the exact tray size that the customer used however this could be altered to suit a variety of different tray sizes. The gravity roller conveyor combined with the bespoke storage meant that trays could be efficiently loaded and unloaded to keep the customers production line flowing smoothly.

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If you have a new project requirement that needs designing and the input of expert industry knowledge, SYSPAL are your perfect project partners. With hygiene, efficiency and safety at the forefront of every project we design and manufacture we are able to produce solutions for a number of different industries working with a variety of different product types including: cereals, snacks, confectionery, vegetables, fresh cut salad, fruit, poultry, meat, dairy, seafood, bakery, beverages, pet food, tobacco and pharmaceuticals amongst others

Discuss your requirements with us no matter how large or small - contact our expert team on (+44) 01952 883188 or email