Syspal’s range of Vertical Goods ElevatorsSyspal’s range of Vertical Goods Elevators have been designed specifically with customer requirements in mind.

Their modular construction allows every elevator to be individually tailored to suit the site requirement, whilst all elevators are 100% HSE compliant the stainless steel construction allows low maintenance and fast clean down.
So when leading Cornish cheese manufacturer Dairy Crest needed heavy cheese blocks storing on several levels, they turned to Syspal....

“The Syspal Vertical Goods Elevators matched our needs precisely, because we wanted to improve our current procedures, whilst maintaining high standards for health and safety within the workplace. The installation of the goods lifter was perfect and helped us remain at the forefront of continuous improvement. Ease of operation, and a speedy installation produced virtually no downtime, whilst delivering greater efficiencies in the workplace – to the point that we have added another Syspal elevator within the same factory”

Paul Piper, the Projects Team Leader

Syspal design and manufacture a wide range of lifting equipment to suit most requirements.