The bulk handling of ingredients during food manufacturing can involve time-consuming and manual-intensive processes. Typical applications such as manually weighing, mixing and transporting ingredients can have negative implications for productivity, employee safety and also compromise hygienic processes. SYSPAL understands the impact of these negative implications and to improve these processes have developed a production sequence called ‘The Single Bin Solution’.

This system involves a selection of Eurobin handling equipment that’s designed to be the complete solution for weighing, mixing and moving product with minimal manual input. The 200L or 300L Eurobin can then be placed into cold storage with its ingredients for future mixing, or decanted and washed down safely at the end of the process.

Using only one Eurobin for the entire process until it is emptied and washed gives the producer greater productivity and process control. Ingredients are also less exposed to the risks of cross-contamination caused by multiple bin transfers. Using multiple Eurobins could bring them into contact with foreign bodies and residual waste. Using a single bin gives significant hygiene benefits for batch food processing.

Reducing manual handling during production improves throughput and quality. It also streamlines the process and reduces product interference. With reduced employee handling there is less risk of costly musculoskeletal injuries caused by repetitive lifting and mishandling of the bins.

Initially designed for Eurobins, we also have a range of equipment that can create a ‘Single Bin Solution’ using Dolavs, mixing bowls, trays or tanks. No matter what your container, SYSPAL can help you streamline your processes, improve employee safety and achieve efficiency for the handling of ingredients.