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Increase productivity with the SYSPAL single column drum tipper

SYSPAL are pleased to introduce a new product to our single column tipper range – The single column drum tipper. Allowing users to safely raise and tip drums with a safe working load of 350kg.

The single column tipper for drums significantly reduces the risk of injury and accident caused through manual handling. It’s simple to use operation increases productivity and efficiency, lowering production costs whilst saving on manual labour costs. The SYSPAL design team are able to design lifting carriages for various drum designs, varying materials, heights and diameters, ensuring the tipper works for your needs.

Typical production workflow

The overall benefit of the SYSPAL single column drum tipper is that it removes the need for manually lifting or tipping drums full of product into other equipment. A typical workflow in which the drum tipper would be used is inserting a sauce or stock into a product mix.

A sauce or stock would be weighed using bespoke carriage weigh scales to ensure the measurement is correct. It would then be transported to the location of the tipper within the drum using circular roller dollies or manually on a pallet. This would then be lifted and tipped by the single column tipper into a dispenser hopper, ready to be added to a product mix or simply into a container for storage ready to be used later in the process.

Improved processes and hygienic design

This tipper’s column height can be designed to suit your specific drum application needs. This allows the tipper to easily integrate into a production work flow and is compatible with most interfacing equipment. A maximum tipping angle of 145° or 55° from horizontal, ensures that product can be emptied from the drum efficiently.

Hygienically designed and manufactured in 304 grade stainless steel to IP65 standards, the single column tipper is ideal for use in hygienic food and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. The tipper’s design and construction ensures that it is easy to wash down, robust and able to stand up to the challenges posed by high-frequency use in a busy manufacturing environment.

Flexible specification

We know that every production facility will have its own unique challenges and preferred methods. This is why the single column tipper’s design is flexible and offers a range of variations to suit individual application needs.

SYSPAL drum tippers can be specified with either a roller tipping or curve tipping mechanism.

  • The roller tipping option allows for quick drum rotation and an increased tip angle of up to 55°. This assists in the transfer of difficult or sticky products and would typically be suitable for use with high viscosity liquids, dough and pastry product and prepared/IQF vegetables.
  • The curve tipping mechanism on the other hand allows for a more controlled rotation up to an angle of 45°, ideal for use in environments where height restrictions are a limiting factor. This mechanism would be suitable for use with low viscosity liquids such as stocks, sauces or free flowing grains and powders.

A left hand or right hand lift column can be specified to ensure the controls are and finally the tipper can be designed with either a bolt down static or mobile base.

Working with SYSPAL provides you with access to a high quality design engineering team able to offer flexibility and expertise during the specification process.

Safety features

SYSPAL single column drum tippers operate and adhere to the highest levels of health and safety in production environments. Upon specification the tipper can be designed with a range of guarding options and is manufactured with high and low level carriage limit switches as standard.

When in use, the drum is safely secured using a pull down retaining mechanism, which can be designed to electronically interlock on request. The lift column also has a chain guard preventing users from coming into contact with moving parts during operation for additional safety. In the event of a chain failure, a mechanical chain-break safety column prevents the drum from falling from height.

The SYSPAL mechanical handling department are experts in improving productivity, efficiency and safety in manufacturing processes. Whether you have a particular production challenge you need solving or would like to completely overhaul your processes with a new project scheme. Contact SYSPAL for professional, experienced and skilled advice. The team can be reached by calling +44 (0)1952 883188. or emailing