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SYSPAL are pleased to introduce a new industry first to the market, high capacity racking and high level stacker. This new racking and stacking solution is ideal for environments with limited floor space.

Three-tier 300L Eurobin and four-tier 200L Eurobin racking is designed to give up to 50% and 33% respectively more storage capacity than other racking systems within the same footprint. If you require more storage space, updating the racking could be a cost-effective, flexible option.

This new storage solution has been designed to be adaptable, flexible and can accommodate different sizes of Eurobins when required. The assembly system ensures racking can be easily relocated and reconfigured to meet changing storage requirements.

The high level racking is served by a new high capacity battery operated Eurobin stacker for raising and lowering the Eurobins. Constructed from grade 304 stainless steel, the stacker has a safe working load capacity of 350kg. Designed for hygienic environments the stacker can operate in temperatures from -10C to 40C making it ideal for a large number of applications.

If you are considering upgrading your Eurobin storage and would like to arrange a site survey from one of our experienced engineers, please call our sales team (01952) 883188. SYSPAL can offer assistance on design, layout and installation if required.