SYSPAL at Gulfood 2018

SYSPAL are exhibiting at Gulfood 2018 on stand number B7-44 in the PPMA UK Pavilion. Gulfood 2018 is the largest food manufacturing show in the Middle East held at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

SYSPAL will be displaying part of our innovative line of mechanical handling equipment known as 'The Single Bin Solution’. This combination of mechanical handling equipment is designed to operate as the complete solution for weighing, mixing, transferring and storing food product in one single Eurobin, before washing down ready to repeat the process again.

Designed to assist with improving efficiency, safety and throughput in factories as part of an optimised manufacturing philosophy. ‘The Single Bin Solution’ incorporates a Eurobin weigh scale, a Eurobin tumbler, a Eurobin tipper or lifter, Eurobin storage and a Eurobin wash frame, all of which are available in various configurations to suit specific requirements.

Each piece of mechanical handling equipment is uniquely designed to eliminate the need for any manual handling of Eurobins and product whilst maintaining hygienic standards and high product quality. The elimination of manual handling helps to streamline the entire process and achieve consistencies in processes by standardising each action. As only one Eurobin is used the risk of cross-contamination caused by multiple product transfers is also reduced.

When operated as a complete production system, ‘The Single Bin Solution’ will reduce the risk of employees developing costly musculoskeletal injuries caused by repetitive manual lifting.

At Gulfood 2018 SYSPAL will be displaying a Eurobin tipper, a Eurobin weigh scale and a Eurobin tumbler as an example of the equipment involved in ‘The Single Bin Solution’. For information on the ‘The Single Bin Solution’ please visit us on stand B7-44. If you cannot attend you can visit the product pages on our website.