In any area of high traffic it’s important that the doors in these areas are robust and capable of dealing with the large number of people passing through them. This is particularly important in hygiene sensitive areas that need to be sealed such as cool rooms, heated rooms and high-care areas.

Impact resistant swing doors from SYSPAL provide an ideal solution for the entrances and exits to these areas as they are manufactured from PE500 high density polyethylene which is well known for its robustness, strength and resilience. The addition of impact strips, wall protection buffers and skirting boards ensure that these doors can handle intense use for years to come.

All doors are available in a range of nine different colours which can be used for area identification, zone control or just to brighten up work areas. The impact resistant doors provided by SYSPAL have a unique HDP profiled infill around the window, which unlike some rubber seals, doesn’t loosen following repeated impacts. This helps to prevent bug traps on the sill and maintain the hygienic properties of the door during long-term use.

The doors can be supplied pre-fitted to stainless steel frames so that installation is a simple process with minimal disruption to busy working areas.

Buying Guide:

The following are all factors to consider when purchasing impact resistant swing doors.

1. Door sizing

Calculate the wall opening size and thickness of the joining wall to ensure doors are supplied to the correct dimensions.

2. Door style and colour

Standard door

There are two different door styles available- standard doors for general working area use and eco doors for canteen or storage room use. Standard doors are thicker and more robust to deal with the heavier impacts of busy working areas.

Standard door (factory use):
  • Wall opening sizes: W2000 x H2000mm
  • 40mm thick full length spine
  • 600 x 300mm polycarbonate oval window
  • Stainless steel bi-directional hinges
Eco door (canteen/storage room use):
  • Wall opening sizes: W2000 x H2000mm
  • Reinforced hinges
  • Spine located near hinges
  • Porthole window
  • Stainless steel bi-directional hinges

SYSPAL offer a range of nine colours as standard including grey, green, blue, white, yellow, orange, red, brown and black.


3. Door frame specification

It is important that the stainless steel door frame that is installed matches the profile of the wall so that when the doors are fitted the supporting wall is strong enough to stand up to the stresses of repeated impacts.

There are two styles of door frames available:
  • “U” style frames which enclose insulated walls from 100mm thick
  • “C” style frames which pack out walls that are below 100mm thick

4. Add impact strips

Impact Strip

Impact strips are installed directly on to the swing doors to provide a buffer that strengthens the door wings. Ideal for reducing the impact from traffic such as pallets, dolavs, tanks, pallet trucks etc.

The standard dimensions for these are: H250mm x 15mm thick.

5. Add wall protection and skirting boards

An example of some of the colours available

Additional Wall protection and skirting boards work together to provide a buffer to help adjoining walls withstand the impacts and bumps in high traffic areas.

Wall protection strips can be supplied with or without removable colour strips that can match the doors to further reinforce area identification. They have the standard dimensions of H90mm x 15mm thick.

Skirting boards are available in three different sizes with a fixing strip and nosing strip, again with nine colours available to match the doors and wall protection strips.

The installation of impact resistant swing doors along with stainless steel door frames, impact strips, wall protection buffers and skirting boards will significantly strengthen entrances to high-traffic areas. This will help to reduce maintenance costs whilst also maintaining good standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

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