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Light Weight Lifting

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Light Weight Lifting

An impressive array of light weight lifting equipment reducing the stress and strain caused by manual handling. Improve your health and safety standards by considering light weight lifters.

SYSPAL have designed a product range for a variety of lifting undertaken on a daily basis, from a simply designed manual winch crane through to the multi-purpose lifter for bespoke applications. All lifters are ergonomic, increase production efficiency and improve employee safety.

Manual reel lifters move standard reels around hygienic areas without the requirement of bulky machinery. This versatile piece of equipment has a small footprint and can be sized to suit its application.

The multi-purpose lifter is lightweight, mobile and battery operated. It is extremely adaptable and can be supplied with a wide range of bespoke attachments.

Manual winch cranes are ideal for lifting heavy items in hygienic areas. The manual winch platform is designed to assist moving items such as moulds and dies.

The scissor lift and electric lift tables are designed to lift awkward or heavy items to a comfortable working height. These tables are smooth in operation ensuring the load is not compromised during handling.

The container stacker allows for the safe lifting, stacking and manoeuvring of various containers, making it ideal to use with SYSPAL bespoke racking and storage systems. The stacker significantly reduces the risk of injury and accidents caused by manual handling operations, thanks to its electrohydraulic lifting mechanism.

This extensive range of lifting solutions are all manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel making them ideal for conditions where hygiene is critical. Please contact SYSPAL today to discuss the best options for your facility.