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Column Lifters

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Column Lifters

SYSPAL have designed a versatile Column lifter range to take the strain out of manual handling, reducing the risk of injury whilst increasing efficiency. All lifters have a simple to use, single operator process.

Lifters are designed for 200 and 300 litre Eurobins, tote bins, bowls, tanks, wheelie bins, dolavs and containers from 350kg safe working load to 1500kg. The lifters can be specified single or double column, left or right tip, mobile or static, guarded or skeletal, with or without bump rail.

Each unit has a lifting speed of 6 metres per minute and operate in environments from -10 °C to 40° C. Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, which is exceptionally easy to sanitise and is perfect for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

SYSPAL design column lifters with an emphasis on hygiene and safety. The range of column lifters are specified with chainbreak mechanisms, various guarding options, high and low level lift carriage limit switches, lift column chain guards, external control panels, guarding and interlocking gates and sensors which confirm the correct position of the item to be lifted.

Please contact SYSPAL and discuss your requirements with our friendly and knowledgeable team.