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Transport Conveyors

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Transport Conveyors

Transport conveyors are widely used for heavy duty processing or transferring products to where they are required, for example a multi-head weigher.

SYSPAL have a transport conveyor range that includes 6 different models, including spiral transport conveyors and vertical transport conveyors. One of the benefits of the modular construction is easy access for cleaning.

Fitting a new transport conveyor around existing equipment is simple. The conveyors can be specified with the belt width, conveyor length, incline and decline heights (where appropriate) suitable for your space. The vertical transport conveyors are ideal where space is of a premium. Curved conveyors are designed to combine straight and radial bends in a compact unit.

All the conveyors are made from 304 grade stainless steel as standard but can be altered to 316 should this be required. The entire range is designed with operator safety as a priority and superb access for cleaning and maintenance.

Many transport conveyor options include lockable castors or adjustable feet, under trays, side tables and work stations as well as incline and decline sections.

To assist you with your requirements please call the SYSPAL team today, should your needs not be exactly met by the standard options then the conveyor design team will be delighted to create a bespoke option for you.