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Packing Conveyor Systems

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Packing Conveyor Systems

Packing conveyor systems are designed for pick and place applications. The stations have versatility and can be bespoke to your products or requirements. Stations are designed with safety for operatives as a priority and adhere to strict hygiene guidelines.

Manufactured from durable 304 grade stainless steel, the packing conveyor system is exceptionally easy to clean and resistant to corrosion. The belts are made from HDPE which is food industry regulation compliant.

Designed for a 2 stage packing process, the packing conveyor is suitable for up to 4 operatives to handle and pack products into boxes. The conveyor is easily personalised for operatives with the adjustable height operator stands. The stands can be adjusted from floor level to 240mm and can also be pivoted to provide easy access for cleaning. Variable speed control for each conveyor also allows the operatives to work at a comfortable, yet efficient pace.

Contact the SYSPAL technical sales team today to discuss packing conveyors in more detail.